Feed production


Feed plant on JSC Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory  started in November 2016

Technology process of production of compound feeds consists of separate technology lines:

- reception and warehousing of raw materials from the railway and motor transport (automobile scales with a loading capacity of 60 t, carriage scales with a loading capacity of 150 t.);

- storage and purification of raw materials (8 silos for grain, with a total volume of 38000 cbm.; 14 tanks for meal with a total volume of 5000 cbm.). Each silo is equipped with sensors of the top level and the remote system of thermometry;

- reception, storage and loading of tare raw materials;

- reception and warehousing of liquid components (3 capacities for storage of oils on 60 m3 each, 1 capacity for storage of fat of 20 m3);

- line of preparation of grain raw materials;

- the line of preparation of cakes and the granulated raw materials;

- line of preparation of tare raw materials;

- the line of dosing (the main dosing of macrocomponents - scales with a range of weighing of 3000 kg and 500 kg; dosing of microcomponents - scales with a range of weighing of 75 kg);

- the line of crushing and mixing (crushing - the double roll grinder and the hammer crusher; mixing – the drum mixer with a capacity of 6000 l);

- the line of granulation – 2 press granulators with a productivity up to 15 t/h (compound feed steaming, pressing in granules, cooling of granules, crushing of granules at development of a krupka, sorting of a krupka);

- line of expansion (compound feed expansion, cooling of the ekspandat, crushing and sorting);

- line of putting liquid additives by a dusting method (oils, fat, enzymes, fragrances, amino acids, etc.);

- the line of finished goods (packing in bags);

- storage and issue of finished goods (36 tanks for storage of finished goods with issue on motor transport with a total volume of 2200 cbm.)

Not only the modern German equipment and automatic control system of all technological processes of production has been acquired, but also specialists of the Amandus Kahl company are involved to optimization of technological processes of production of quality compound feeds.